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I recently bought a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for myself. As I saw the pricing and the functionality of the watchfaces I decided to create one myself.

Besides that the Editor is awesome and it´s easy to use - at least if you are familiar with a little bit of debugging android devices etc. - I now have the problem, that there are many Variables ( I mean this for example: [HR]) that are not available.

I designed a Watchface with all the necessary Informations for me, including Sleeptime. But as I found out, there is no variable for the slept time, nor fat burning, stress, water, food, active time, etc. (not that I need all of them. But why are there so many variables not available for selection?) - Especially since there is something like the moon phases as a variable again. WHY. Who tf needs this more than the others?

Is there a way to use them anyways or something like that?
Because espacally for some traning it would be cool not to have to look in the apps.

And a small questin (even if it´s not related to this post): Why does this not work? numberFormat("0000",[SC])

Thank you!

Try to use this: (numberFormat("0000", [SC]))

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The HR Tag is available but you have to understand how the heart rate is measured. It is only a continuous measurement when there is activity. Normally it is only measured either by a setting in WFS or tap action on something to measure it. Otherwise it returns the last measured heart rate.

But why are there so many variables not available for selection?) - Especially since there is something like the moon phases as a variable again.

Moon phases determine events in some religions.

One of the top feature request is Health Variables.
two issues that need to be fixed.

Privacy regulations how user information is shared is an issue and while the watch face only can display that information it is still something that needs to be worked out for all countries. It is supposed to be done by Wear Health Services but that is still a thing in progress.

Finally WFS is not just for Samsung Watch Faces but for all Wear OS 3 watches and some may not have the health sensor or the apps to convert the sensors to data or other reasons. That would mean that a designer may have a design that requires Heart Rate to set a color but one brand may not have that so the watch face would be flawed.

Hopefully this can be worked out. It would make my life easier and allow for more watch face designs.

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Sorry, that wasn’t the question at all. Just wanted to clarify what I define as a “variable”. Maybe there are other terms for it. I am not so in the matter.

But I mean, as for exapmle the calender Application is also asking for permission before working. Why don´t just use this system for the other sensetive data?

So there have to be watches that don´t have a health sensor and is using Wtach OS3. So there has to be a solution to it, right? And even if not. Just let the user not download the “application” (But of course it also sounds easier than it probably is in the background.)

And btw. just wanted to say, that you can show the “activity hearth” inclouding “Steps”, “Active Time” and “Calorienes”. Both Variables that you can´t use…

Are there other tools to program watchfaces (even if it´s only pure code)?

The problem, as you already mention, already exists. So why unlock one and then say no to the others (variables)?

I know that you can do absolutely nothing for it and I also don’t want to say here that everything can be implemented easily and quickly. But Android was always the “changeable operating system” for me and now you can not even display simple values that the clock even supports…

First off I’m told that there are going to be changes soon to WFS. I wouldn’t jump to using a third party tool or Android Studio unless you are quite comfortable in programming. But those are options to develop watch faces.

Basically an app should use Health Services and the Wear Health API to get the data and change that into useful information then share it with Health Connect which WFS or other apps can use.

Health Services on Wear OS
Wear OS 3 (corresponding to API level 30) includes a service called Health Services. Health Services acts as an intermediary to the various sensors and related algorithms on the device to provide apps with high-quality data related to activity, exercise, and health.

Health Connect
Health Connect is an Android API and platform. It unifies data from multiple devices and apps into an ecosystem. For Android developers, it provides a single interface for reading and writing a user’s health and fitness data. For Android users, it offers a place for control over which apps have read and/or write access to different types of data. Health Connect also provides on-device storage.

Samsung understands that designers want quick access to health data I hope that the new changes include that or makes it easier to access the health data.

You ask good questions

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I believe the changes were made to Samsung Health in the latest version update for Galaxy Watches at the end of April 2023.

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There seems to be some things that require Wear 4. I’m not sure of a delivery date of any release date or what is required.
I noticed that in my Samsung Health App
Share Data with devices and services that Health Platform is listed and you can allow permissions

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