Watch Face Studio Feature Requests 3rd Quarter 2022

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Samsung Developer Relations

Create a tag for “quarter of the year”.

Heart beat data as is possible in pre installed watch faces

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  • Ability to resize a component with respect to its center while holding ALT
  • Ability to set color fields with tag expressions
  • Gradient support for all color fields
  • Autocorrect for color fields when number sign # is missing instead of rejecting the input
  • Better alignment support, at least for the center of the canvas
  • Stroke effect support for components
  • Drop shadow effect support for components, with a blur setting
  • Blur effect support for fills with transparency
  • In the “Open App” action, ability to add a fallback app if one is not available (e.g. launch Samsung Health if available, launch Google Fit otherwise)
  • A tag that oscillates with time and returns a precise floating point number between 0 and 1, preferrably with editable waveshape (or at least selectable: sine, square, triangle, etc.)
  • Integration with a weather API, or at least an option to call a weather API of our own choosing.
  • Support for more image filetypes (such as .tif or .exr) while importing an image sequence for an animation
  • Ability to convert and export the project to be opened with Android Studio (this one might be a stretch)

On the designing side, the team should aim for feature parity with programs like Sketch and Figma, even if 1:1 parity is not realistically achievable. I listed features that I missed the most while designing watchfaces. This program is already very capable, and I believe it will be even better in the future. Thanks!


To be able to use Weather and Health data on the same watch face. Have no idea why this isn’t already part of the GWS design, seems ridiculous!

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Here is my request that might benefit all developers for more ease of use and even users.

  1. Bring to Front and Send to Back feature is in GWS. What we have now in WFS is Forward and Backward that moves the layer one step front and one step backward. If we are working into a lot of layers, Bring to Front and Send to Back feature will help us out a lot instead of dragging the layer all the way down or up.

  2. Timeline ease of use. If it’s possible to control the scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline (as shown in the image below) using scroll in the mouse, it would be very easy for devs to navigate in the timeline especially when devs are working on loops that runs in minutes and seconds or setting up show hide in steps and battery percent.

  1. Another set of Theme Color that could be controlled separately with the first Theme Color. In this way we can manage the file size of our watch faces and have a happier users with more customizations.

Overall, the team behind the WFS really did a great job considering the age of this tool compared to GWS. Thank you!

  1. Read value from complication and gets to any variable
  2. Allow rotate hand (or any picture) based on value from complication
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Turn on Proguard for watch faces signed .aab builds
Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your app | Android Developers

It will help with aab size, also get rid of this message on Play Store

buildTypes {
        release {
            minifyEnabled true
            proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android-optimize.txt'), ''

I thought this was from having links in your Mobile app, am I wrong?

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, that Play Console warning ? No, this warning is showing for every WFS created aab. In fact, my mobile apps are using proguard optimization so this warning message is not showing for these.

After doing some checking it appears that this happens when App Shortcut is a default complication.

Did you report this as a bug to Support?

Samsung Developer Relations

No Ron,
first of all, this error message is showing in Play Console ( when uploading watch face aab and is showing for every watch face created with wfs (even empty one)

Secondly, this error is not really a problem. It’s just saying that our watch faces aab are not obfuscated and optimized.
More about optimizing & obfuscating aab here:

Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your app | Android Developers

To obfuscate android app (watch face), we need to set minifyEnabled to true in build.gradle file.
This would help with aab size and also this play console warning will not show up again.

build.gradle file should be using this:

android {
    buildTypes {
        getByName("release") {
            // Enables code shrinking, obfuscation, and optimization for only
            // your project's release build type.
            isMinifyEnabled = true

            // Enables resource shrinking, which is performed by the
            // Android Gradle plugin.
            isShrinkResources = true

            // Includes the default ProGuard rules files that are packaged with
            // the Android Gradle plugin. To learn more, go to the section about
            // R8 configuration files.

I don’t know if such a thing will be possible at all, since I have no idea by what mechanism WFS builds aab files.

Hello, @amoledwatchfaces
The obfuscation you mentioned is already applied to the aab file created in WFS. The warning of the play console is probably to upload the txt file as a result of the proguard for analysis when uploading aab with obfuscation. Related files are managed internally by Samsung and are used for analysis of problems.
So you can ignore the warning message.


Hi @sinjae,
thanks for clarification, I wasn’t sure :slight_smile:

It would be good to have a binary tag that reports if the watch is currently displaying in AOD mode, e.g. [IS_AOD].

That way fields could be manuipulated to appear slightly differently when the watch reverts to its always-on mode.

Example use case: A watchface has a user-selectable background colour but fails the AOD pixel ratio analysis on build because that background is too bright for AOD mode. However, if an [IS_AOD] tag was available, I could use this to adjust the opacity of the background (and hence its brightness) in AOD mode.
(Currently I just use a single darker background colour field that is active in AOD mode).

Hope that makes sense!

Our recommendation is to use DIM layer to make lower layers darker in AOD mode.
The DIM layer can be easily created like:
Add component → any shape → make full size → hide in normal mode → black color with appropriate alpha value → place in a proper order (e.g., between time information and background)
Does it make sense?

Thanks Sinjae,

For the example given, that will work - many thanks.


Run Preview window:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Play / Pause Run Preview
  • Keyboard shortcut and button to speed up time temporarily while it’s being pressed
  • Preview window speed controls (instead of selecting from that tiny drop down at the bottom of the screen)
  • Option to upload different watches for previews and able to take higher resolution screenshot of the images (I know this won’t make it, but pretty please)

Text editor window:

  • Larger size
  • Code formatting (at least to highlight bracket relations)
  • More visible highlight (already been mentioned by someone)
  • Multi line text in text field and add Justified to the alignment options


  • Tag support for every value (Inner pivots, color, font size (and maybe font face), curved text fields, gyro, animation triggers)
  • Accessible properties from other fields:
    – Get values of properties as variables (LayerName_Property) - this, combined with tag support could be huge
    Some examples:
    BG_Color (BG layer color) - so text can finally be contrasting
    SecondHand_X (SecondHand layer X position)
    HourHand_H (HourHand layer height)
  • More triggers for animations (for example tag expressions or when one finished, start the other one)


  • Create functions that can be called like tags
  • Global variables
  • Functions library (to access your commonly used ones easily)

Run panel:

  • Reorganize option for the tabs
  • Theme Color tab: minimize to colors only (without values) and ability to expand it - right now if you use tons of colors, it takes up so much space

Run multiple instances of WFS

  • Copy / Paste layers from other projects
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Just something simple. Default date when opening a project in the Run panel should be today, not 21/6/2021. And would be nice to remember user preferences like if I mostly design in 24h, don’t default to 12h every time I reopen the app.

Different color of elements for active and AOD