Moon phase, Samsung health, stress level? Is there any way?

Is there a way to import face built with galaxy watch studio to face watch, so all the features will be available?
I’m pretty disappointed that version for new watches (watch 4) doesn’t have all the features that are available in older version. I would happily use the galaxy watch studio, but the watch 4 is unable to connect to it. Is there any way to go around it?

Hello, if you had your watchfaces made in GWD, there is the converter tool to make them run on the GW4. But I guess there can be some limitations, so some features may not work as expected.

Moon phase is available in WFS and works pretty much the same as with GWS just different tag names.

Samsung Health is complicated (literally and figuratively)
Galaxy Watch Studio had access to Samsung Health API but that is not how things works in Wear OS Powered by Samsung, new privacy regulations do not allow sharing data under most conditions.

The new Samsung Android Health SDK is available and you can download the SDK for that now without being a partner.

Documentation for this is on the Android Site

Until Samsung Health adds or improves complications the only option is to open Samsung Health using app ID.

Hopefully Samsung Health will generate more complications for use with WFS and other Android Studio watch app developers.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you! I’ve managed to find moon phases, and try to play around with converter for now.

Hey guys, you can allways ask to install google fit, and within google fit you get Calories and Distance complications.


is there any way to include that in watch faces ?

gws to wfs converter tool ?

There is not GWS to WFS project converter.
There is a GWS created .tpk to . aab converter tool It has some limitations but works pretty well.