Customise - toggle second indicator?

Hello everyone,

It is possible to let user toggle function in customise?
Eg, User can turn On/Off second indicator in customise.

Thanks in advanced!

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Maybe you can put customizable cover mask image over it.

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I just uploaded an empty transparent .png, then the user can select between visible and invisible. :wink:

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Hi Peter, and Ianfrank
Thanks for the reply! : )

Yes, uploaded an empty transparent .png is a good ideal!! : )
But, the UI for user selection not very nice…

I don’t know how to add ON/OFF text below the photo selection.

If can add toggle button like below is the best…

WFS possible to do this? or it only can be done by Android studio?

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No, I don’t think you can do that in Wfs. But most people customize on their watch, here it looks ok :blush:


OK, thank you very much. : )


One year later Watch Face Format 1 is the actual supported format, it’s a shame WFS doesn’t let use Boolean configuration for such settings, forcing devs to use a waste of resources for the smartwach like sub optimal empty PNG.

They let you use boolean logic, shame is, they consistently refuse to add tags related to user interaction which could be used with this logic (for any customization imaginable). They claim that WFS is just a “graphic authoring tool”. And seems therefore it wont be anything more, not a real developer tool ever.

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Boolean settings is then reflected as a easier choice for users in watchface, and an optimization for devs rater than choosing a transparent empty PNG that’s a waste of resources, also against optimization guidelines of WFF, like many other possibilities that are supported by Watch Face Format 1 after 1 year of its release that are missing yet in WFS. To me now looks like an half backed tool yet, like it was 1 year ago when they released the hybrid 1.4 and yet there are bugs not fixed other than WFF 's features not implemented.

In my opinion the proved proof that WFS is a completely castrated tool is that Samsung makes its own watch faces with Android Studio instead of WFS. How crazy this sound? To me a lot. It could implement not all certainly, but the most interesting and requested features of WFF 1 and 2 inside WFS, or let edit and customize the XML and rebuild it inside.

It looks like they are waiting for Wear OS 5, with WFF 2, to release a new version hopefully with new features. But in the meantime 1 year or more will pass, and to keep retro compatibility they sacrificed too much.

It would be great just the ability to choose the target SDK, Brand manufacturer (e.g. Galaxy Watch 5/6/7 with Wear OS 4 or 5… rather than another supported brand, or just the OS version…) while creating a new watch face, and consequentially enable/disable features in WFS instead of having a general build castrated for everyone.

Maybe I’m asking to much, but the truth is that now I’m using WFS just to take the coordinates of elements from the XML file and making everything on Android Studio.

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