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I’d like to have more data available for me in the tags to use, some examples:

  • Location name (ex: New York, London…)
  • UV index
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Compass (!!!)

Also, but this one is really hard to implement, I’d like a way to create multiple screens, but I guess this is too much at the moment. I already created multiple screens but the only way to switch between them is using opacity on each layer and an event (ex: charging) to show one screen or the other.
As always, thanks for you work!


Boolean Configuration would be my highly desired request.



It actually was requested a year or two ago, but still please, add support for .otf fonts.


Hello. Please include a section for the weather icon so that its default photos are changed manually. Add wind icon and wind direction. Thank You :sunglasses: :clap:

my wish list is for more text options:
open type fonts
type formatting: wrap around text, vertical type, stroke type
adjustments for kerning & leading, superscript & subscript


Maybe go a step further and support the entire Watch Face Format XML that Samsung and Google introduced for WearOS 4 earlier this year. :slight_smile:

Edit: This includes all possible configuration types.


Please, Please add more functions into fixed complication settings.

weather? temperature? location? (not even asking for allowing of custom weather icons, not yet anyway)

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I’m not sure what you mean by changing screens there is Action - Tap - Change Media that allow you to show or hide multiple backgrounds as well as styles.

Please explain more about what you mean by a screen.

Compass is a recurring request.

The others are weather related even location although you can get some major cities using the time library.
The issue with weather is licensing.

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I was told that they had just did what they thought was necessary for the first releases and would add more in the next major release.

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@r.liechty_SDR That’s what I thought too, thanks for confirming this! :slight_smile: It’s impressive that the WFS team had support for both Wear OS 3 and 4 in such a short time.

I think a good baseline would be the stock watch faces included in Wear OS 4 (provided by Google): if you can replicate those in design and functionality, I’d say WFS is feature complete regarding the Watch Face Format XML.

Right now you cannot build those without bool/list configurations, localization of color names and more.

Do you want the Pixel ones or the Galaxy Watch ones (OneUI 5 by Samsung) We can’t provide the Google Pixel ones.

Some of those have low level system access that isn’t available to WFS, some may use Health API that isn’t available to the public or Samsung applications that are again specific to Samsung Galaxy Watches and not something WFS can include.

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Complication such as the Weather complication are provided by the app developer and Watch Face Studio has no control over them.

In the Tizen Watch Face design tool GWS you could add a 3rd party weather API “plugin” and get the weather information and use that and create your own images. But WFS does not have that ability.

It is a highly requested feature.

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Thank you for your answer. In one of the watch face design platforms on the web, there is a weather plugin, and with the data of the phone or watch, its status changes for 9 weather modes. Of course, I am not a software developer, maybe what I said It is a bit heavy to run watch face, otherwise the developers would have done it. I hope one day this plugin will be more optimized.

It is just a matter of licensing the weather provider to use their information. For phones there are ads but on a watch there is no space for ads so there needs to be a licensing fee. There is a Weather provider that is free for X many connections a month then a cost for XX more connections a month.

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As far as I know (and I could be wrong of course) the Action > Tap > Change Media feature allows you to only cycle a single layer between different styles of the layer itself.
But, I don’t think that you can use this function alone to render a group of elements. I’ll make an example:
let’s suppose I have the main screen, containing an analog clock and the complications, and I want to add another screen. What I would do in native development is to add a button to switch between screens and toggle the visibility of the elements of the second screen, for example another background and a couple text and images on top of it.
I can do this in WFS, but not “on tap” on a given layer/element. I have to use an event, like battery charging, battery low or notification, as a variable to assign the opacities to each layer, using the ternary operator.
I hope it is clear enough :slight_smile:
As always, thanks for your attention!

Yes exactly .Thank you for your guidance :ok_hand:

@rzrshrpstudio and @r.liechty_SDR

Something like boolean configuration? On each layer or group of layers

Since Samsung Health has an issue displaying Heart Rate Complication when adding it, I would propose the following feature:


Add the option to create a custom complication with multiple choices, such as [HR] / [SC] / [BATT], etc., so that users can have the flexibility to choose something different instead of a preset and static tag. Users might want to add something else in place of the [HR] tag.

Alternatively, offer the option for these TAGS to be replaceable with other choices.

That was what I thought you meant. I’m not sure how well that works with complications for the end user if the screens have the complication in the same spot. There is a big call for a user set number for this type of use.

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