Debugging Mode Missing?

I had been using the Samsung Note10+ and the Active2 was working well in design mode. But after changing over to the Microsoft Duo, the watch doesn’t seem to have the Debug option in the settings. How do I get that option back? The GWS cannot locate the watch anymore.

Update: Found the answer here in a previous post:

"Silly question but did you turn on Debug Mode it is easy to forget after resetting.

Also tap on the software version 5 times to enable developer Options (mainly opr on AOD watch face)"

Odd, I still cannot get the Active2 to be seen within the GWS. It is in debug mode, and the PC can ping the watch’s IP address.

I guess reset my watch and try again? Having to reapply the Samsung Pay was a hassle, and if I can avoid a watch reset it would be great.

The Duo settings don’t show developer options; are they only used in a Samsung device? Can I connect and develop for the Active2 using a Duo? UPDATE: I guess it is doomed without a Samsung mobile device.

I had opened a case with Samsung support, and they confirmed that a Samsung mobile device is not required for developing watch faces in GWS. Still, I am unable to run a watch face on a device via wi-fi, and now the email goes out that seller privileges will be revoked if applications are not submitted or updated in a 3 month period.

Hope the technical issue with connecting to the Active2 watch in GWS gets resolved soon.


When specifying the full IP address of the watch, is this a normal pop up, where the full IP is not shown? In my case the Connected Watch dialog will come back to say “No compatible device.”