ADB/Bluetooth debugging issue

I designed my own watch face and I run it on my galaxy watch device but in the tutorial it said I should turn on the ADB debugging but I can’t find it in the developer options menu. How can I turn it on ?

You can find the debugging by following these steps:

  1. For developing mode on: Settings->About watch->Software->Software version (tap 5 times on software
    ** After tapping 5 times on software version, show a text that development mode is on
  2. Turn on ADB debugging mode for the watch (Settings->Developer options->ADB debugging).
  3. Turn Debug over Wi-Fi

Let me know if you face any problem for these steps.


Hi, sorry i’m late because of school.
Anyways, I tapped on the software version 5 times and the developer mode options are shown, but it only contains “On pixel ratio” and “turn off developer mode” I can’t find ADB debugging mode or debug over Wi-Fi

Well, I got one, tho the method is a bit annoying

First, open ADB debugging mode, Debug over Wi-Fi & Wireless debugging (And yeah, you need wifi as well)

Then get yourself the Android Platform Tools, just for the adb.exe file running on Command Prompt (you can get one at

After you download the tool, you need to use the CMD to navigate to the tool (in my case, it’s located in Desktop\For Work\Android Platform Tools) and run the command connecting to your watch (bare in mind that you need to do the pairing for first time setup)

It should look like this once you got your watch connected:

IDK if you can do these by yourself or not, but bare in mind that my grammar isn’t that smooth, if you got problem, just ask me here :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Forgot to show this image as after pairing successfully

Mind if I ask what model you have there? Mine is Watch 4 Classic

I have Galaxy watch (1) (and not gear s3)

Thanks I will try it

Did it work? Or it doesn’t work?

I’m pretty sure your Galaxy Watch 1 is using Tizen OS, which you need to use Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen OS instead of Watch Face Studio for OneUI OS?

Mine is Watch 4 Classic, so I do need to use the WFS and connect it via CMD

I don’t know if yours would work this way or not considering I don’t have the Tizen OS watch :L

I can’t open the adb debugging mode, debug over Wi-Fi & wireless debugging,
I can’t find it in the developer options

Can I transform the WFS watch face to galaxy watch studio one without creating it from the scratch?

I think I really need galaxy watch studio cuz I can find my watch there but not in WFS

Not sure, as I have never done such action before