Design Review Submissions

Hello! i have submitted my watchface design review on 12 December 2020 , how long watchface team review my submissions and how do i know if approved or rejected by samsung team?

Lately it’s been at most a week. One gotcha for new user submissions is when developing for the S3 series watches, that the S2 series options needs to be un-selected after uploading a binary file. The results are always emailed to the developer.

I looked at my submissions in November, and the range has been 2 days to 6 days from submissions to approvals. More commonly, 4 days, more recently, 6 days.

I think the OP was asking how long for approvals for acceptance into the program after they have submitted their portfolio, not just a watch face. :slight_smile:

The page says a response the beginning of January. I don’t believe this is realistic. The application period doesn’t end until Dec 22nd they don’t do a review until all applications are received. Because there is Christmas and New Years holidays the next week I would not expect any approvals before the 17th of January. Rejections may come sooner. It does depend on how many applications are received.

You will be notified one way or the other.

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