Details > summary element doesn't marker comply with marker styles

Currently I’m working on a project for a customer.
One of the test devices/browsers is used with Samsung Internet.

We use details & summary elements at a few places.
All goes well until here, support is there so no issues and we’re not supporting IE.

Then we need to use a custom marker, here comes the trouble.
About every other browser complies wit either:
list-style: none;
But Samsung Internet doesn’t, I get the feeling this is a bug (or not supported anyway) because also
list-style-image, list-style and list-style-position have no effect on this.

Can anyone elaborate on this? Will this be fixed/implemented, or never be supported?

Hello @Ruben ,

You can try reaching out to Samsung Developer Support from here.

Thanks @temp_variable but I always end up on this forum. Support is only for app development and I’m developing for web :slight_smile:

All of these choices play significant roles in the styling of our web pages. a solid dot. This solid dot is called the list item marke , and it can be changed using CSS. But the potential to nest lists indefinitely doesn’t provide free rein to do so. Summary # summary . Lists are Web Accessibility Compliance .


@Wall72145 I’m not talking about lists here, I’m talking about the details with summary elements. That apparently should use the marker for the arrow to show if it’s open or closed. I changed this to a different icon but Samsung Internet doesn’t comply with the styles for the ::marker
hiding it entirely was just a way of showing that nothing works on the marker inside summary element.