Dex missing features and a theory of a complete dex for the pro creative and remote worker

Currently the TabS8+ and others similar in spec have the app One Hand Operation+ with a Pop-Up widegt Option. This option is is useful - especially when using samsung dex.

There are 6 ways to improve this and make it a very useful and intergal part of Samsung Dex.

  1. The popup widget function should allow for either widgets or certain apps (social media, messaging, music players like spotify, calendars and files) these apps in particular are all about quick reference choose a file, song or check a calendar appointment, maybe even a quick reply for the messenger.

    The current popup app minimization into a logo in tablet mode with the little dock is terrible use only because the logo remains in the way and a taking a few design cues from iOS and the way they implemented the stack dock in SlideOver apps is a better idea and should exist both in tabelt mode or Dex Mode.

    Why? For powerful multitasking - here’s an example of how wanted this feature is in general that a 3rd party indie developer made an app named for MacOS to add that slideover feature into a desktop for those quick tasks.

The best news is that the One Hand Operation+ has already done the bulk of this work - all we need to do is create the ability to pin and dock so that they minimize or get activated in popup window mode from the Pop-up widget window.

  1. In the same vein of work, the popup widget is activated by a swipe from the edge – when using a keyboard it wold be powerful to be able to move the mouse to the edge of the screen as a push to create that swipe action that opens the popup widget to use either the widgets of the apps that we want to run a quick task with.

  2. Next an alternative way of creating the same experience would be to allow for the dock itself to be moved to the right or left - you can see this in action by using an app from the google play store named Taskbar. Not only does it allow for the task bar to be on the right or lweft but it also allows for the task bar to be transparent to create a cleaner look and when looking to launch an app the interface doesnt fill the entire screen

  3. I see that now we have drag and drop built into the Samsung My Files app and this is great - now we just need to find a way to enocurage 3rd party apps to build into their app the drag and drop function especially for creators that use a Digital Audio Workstation app like Fruity Loops, N track Studio or Cubasis. The same goes for apps like Lumafusion which is set to come soon accoridng to an announcement they made.

This drag and drop is an essential aspect of Desktop workflow and we need to devise a way to encourage apps to upgrade this or have them removed from the apps store as a whole. Also, I realize this one is less a samsung only thing and more of a 3rd party thing but maybe theres an incentive we can drive through the galaxy app store for apps published there to get the message out about how important this is

  1. I prefer Dex mode above tablet mode for literally everythign and would love for Dex mode to be able to rotate even if there are no apps in full screen.

  2. Last one I promise, if we could add a function that allows for a level beyond screen recording with Samsung Dex - this is a key function to desktop work. Please consider adding the ability to record just the feed and audio coming from a conference app like Zoom or Google meet. Being able to record the conference locally for review is an important part of remote work and desktop work.

If these things were added its hard to imagine anyone even debating whether the TabS8 or iPad is preferrable - the key component that hurts the Samsung Tablets is the lack of Drag and Drop files ability between all applications.

The task bar to the righnt or left would be a nice compromise if we can t add popup apps into the PopUp Widget popup from One Hand Operation.

You might want to post your ideas on Reddit DeX Discussion or Dex Developer discussions I don’t think the DeX developers follow this forum any longer.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Appreciate the heads up. Went ahead and posted it there too. If these things actually happen DEX will be a real serious contender