A theory of how to complete the Samsung Dex desktop expeirence and remote pro workflow

The key component that hurts the Samsung Tablets is the lack of Drag and Drop files ability between all applications - especially browsers and creative apps like N-Track Studio and Luma Fusion

The Samsung Dex task bar to the right or left would be a nice compromise if we can t add popup apps into the PopUp Widget popup from the One Hand Operation+ app - this is a nice compromise if we cant add a competing feature to Slideover apps.

Lastly, anyone doing remote work is goign to need the ability to record their conferences locally and screen recorder is too broad - we need to be able to set a function where it only records the confefrence call - for podcasters in particular this will be an unlock upgrade and iOS cant do this because of “Privacy” even though they allow for it with Sharep[lay and facetime lol so Android and Samsung in particular will be leaps and bounds ahead with these three suggestions.

im happy to write as often as I can - my aim is to share my thoughts with developers about how Android devices can be more competitive in the marketplace.

I have multiple OS devices but I manily use iOS but not by choice. If Andorid and in particular Samsung adds a few key components with OneUI I wont need iOS or MacOS at all.

I believe this is the case for many - in fact I recently started using Stage manager and find that I appreciate Dex Mode far more.

Stage Manager is trying to solve a problem that isnt there by forcing your widnows where it wants, Dex did the right thing by creating a desktop environment freedom for the floating windows.

Dex is crippled by the lack of file drag and drop from 3rd party apps and the fact that all browsers are actually mobile browsers even when they call for a desktop version of a website.

If I were leading the Samsung browser development I would reverse engineer how Windows created their ARM based browser and were able to build an ARM based True Desktop browser on the Windows Surface Pro X for example…That is the case study.

I own the surface pro x and the only things that exist on the surface pro x that take me away from my Tab S8+ are the fact that it has a True Desktop Browser, a robust files app like File Explorer that can format drives, eject drive, change format of files with rename, create tabs - you know a Desktop file browser and lastly my zoom conference app can record locally and share my screen at the same time (this is key in a remote work world.

The only other thing would be improving the hardware - the folio is great but one doesnt always have a table and not being able to use our tabelt on our lap is a bad user experience.

Brydge designed a bluetooth keyboard trackpad accessory for the Surface Pro X that allows for the SPX to slip into these teeth and fold away or open like a laptop but we can still pull the tablet out and use as a tablet.

The folio cant do that and it hurt teh overall experience…again Tab S8 is an amazing product and its just a few steps away from dominating the market even without all the apps that iPads have access to so its all worth consdieration but i’m confident Samsung knows this and is being careful not to cannibalize the sales of their laptops.

Who knows, maybe having less SKUs will be appealing to Samsung one day. If all the above existed on the Samsung Tablets I would get a Samsung phone and go full Samsung lol even without iMessage lol