Chrome browser on DeX

First - Hi - New member here.

Next up - my DeX time. I tend to use DeX on my Samsung S5e so I can use Chrome and Sheets, but neither quite full screen so I can simply touch whichever one I want at the front. I search for the required data on Chrome, then pop it into sheets with a URL so I can access the site again with ease should I need to.
I didn’t use DeX on my phone (Note 20) much but things have changed slightly at this end so I bought a USB C monitor, added a bluetooth KB and mouse, then started using it. It’s proven especially handy when I only need to do a quick bit of something or, as now, I want to work where my kids are so I’m not totally ignoring them.

However, much as I love DeX because it does pretty much everything I need for on the go computing, there is one thing I feel would improve it.

Sheets and the other Google office use app have a mobile app that’s great for basic stuff, but the web based versions do all the fancy stuff. I have bookmarked them and added the shortcuts to my home screen so they’re easy to get to, but I have to click ‘desktop site’ before they work. No big deal, but a minor pain in the bottom.

The second point is the lack of a bookmarks bar on the DeX version of Chrome. It still loads as the mobile version so is short of full functionality.

Basically, can the great and the good in Samsung’s DeX team come up with a way of popping the full version of Chrome on DeX, please? It would be really handy.

I should add - this is in no way a complaint about DeX - Frankly, it’s great - but the full version of the Chrome browser would be a serious bonus.

An answer from the DeX team about the feasibility of idea would be lovely.

After many hours of trying, I decided there was no hope.
I added Chrome bookmarks to the second page and access them from there.
I added the widget three times to make life easier.

You can use a combination of 3rd partyvapps to achieve this, not perfect but it works:

Termux, which enables you to run a PRoot, (easiest if you use another app, Andronix)

XSDL X server to view apps you run in the proot. (VNC works better but is currently broken in Android 12)

In the proot you install whatever Linux desktop app you want, as long as it’s ARM. Then you can use the app in Dex mode.

This blog post has all this information towards the bottom: