How to set indivual colors to different text

Hi, i’m trying to set different colors to the user configurate then individually, like, X color to hours, Y color to minutes, Z color to complications.

How can i make this work?

set one Style and you can have 3 different colors for that.

for the color for the hours you select use them color then you can set the font to those one of those secondary colors.

So if you have red, blue and green
For the Hour color you click on Apply theme color and then on the box to the right of that select 1
For the Minute (it would need to be a different box) use themes and select 2

Complications you would set the text or title to use themes and set those to 3

That way you have harmonious colors.

Samsung Developer Relations

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You cab check this blog Watch Face Studio: Theme Color Implementation Basics | Samsung Developers also for more about theme color.