Disabling mouse / pointing device NOT WORKING


We have recently received feedback from Samsung that we need to explicitly disable mouse-support:

If a mouse pointer is shown on your application and your application does not act according to mouse clicks, a serious defect will be reported when your application is verified by Samsung.

To address this we have added the following to our widget configuration:

<tizen:setting pointing-device-support='disable' />

But this alone does not work as we still see the pointer and are able to click elements.

In addition we’ve also tried all of the below (both individually and in combination with each other):

  • Setting cursor styles to none for the entire document body
  • Setting all pointer-events to none for the entire document body
  • PointerLock API usage (i.e. document.body.requestPointerLock() / document.exitPointerLock())

But we still see the mouse on 2016, 2018 and 2020 devices (both basic and premiums), which is causing us to not be able to address this “critical” issue raised by Samsung.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I think for this you will need to go through Seller Office TV (https://seller.samsungapps.com/tv) and submit a 1:1 QA in the Support Tab.

Samsung Developer Program

Hello @r.liechty_SDP,

We have actually already opened a 1:1 in the Seller portal before I made this post, but while pending any responses there I wanted to ask in the forums, in case anyone had experienced similar issues and might have found a solution.

Thanks for the input! :smile_cat:

Hi, illeh. I got the same problem here. Have you got a helpful answer from the 1:1 QA?

Sorry, no input from them on this. Samsung just removed the issue, in the end. I assume they understood the issue was with their system and not in our app. :sweat_smile: