Display date + 1 day

Im making a watch in samsung galaxy watch studio. i would like help to display a date (number format) but with +1 day.
for ex: 17 (july) but display 18
Thanks in advance.

Hello, we do not have the possibility to simple put code for day+1 into the digital watch field in GWD/GWS.
Simplified solution could be a date ring or strip that could rotate or move with the day, shifted one position ahead
There is a problem to be accurate on the last day of the month, since they are not same long. there would be needed 4 versions of such image for 28, 29, 30 and 31 day long months for Gregorian calendar for example.
Or you could make 4 digital clocks (one for each month length), that would have bitmap font with up to 31 text strings assigned images with the +1 digit. Like to string 01 would be assigned image with 02 and to string of the last day in month would be assigned image with 01 on it.
Then the opacity of the 4 kind of moving images or 4 different digital clocks would be controlled using expression like 100*((([M]==1)+([M]==3)+([M]==5)+([M]==7)+([M]==8)+([M]==10)+(M==12))>0) for months with 31 days, 100*((([M]==4)+([M]==6)+([M]==9)+([M]==11))>0) for months with 30 days and 100*([M]==2) for months with 28 days. The months with 29 days can only be arranged in GWS, since it has year tag. So you can prepare it for year 2024 with opacity like 100*([M]==2)(([y]%4)==0) and with 100([M]==2)*(([y]%4)>0) for the 28day February in other years.


In addition to what Peter said, which is an excellent solution. You can use bitmap fonts that are remapped so 17 shows as 18 but it would require 4 over-lapping clocks based on the year and month.

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thanks u your 2nd method works good.