Displaying Unix Time as Text

Hello, I’m designing my first watch face with Watch Face Studio. I’d like to display the Unix epoch as text on my watch face. Is this possible in watch face studio? I found the UTC_TS tag, but from what I understand this can only be used for progress bars, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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I think if you insert a text element, you can scroll down on its properties panel on right side and put the tag into the “TEXT” field. Maybe you would have to put it in brackets ( ) so it will be displayed as value.

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Welcome @enzobarrett .Oh wat Fun . Remember it is a Large number with the Last three boiling bacause they are trying to show Milliseconds . you will see something more sensible if you floor the number after deviding by 1000. I have found that it is still a bit choppy on my watch . I tryed to use it to Rotare a Radar sweep and it comes out a bit jumpy . I think the OS does not like handling it . A good few tests are required .