Hi all. How use this tag? How convert to time? Thx

Thx. I understand, what is epoch, but I don’t know, how use it in text field to show measure time

There is no Tag for hour_last measured time. The only thing you can do is use a long text complication and open the Stopwatch. Other than that you will probably need to write this with using Android Studio. WFS is a watch face design tool.

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I don’t understand you. There is [HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME] - tag with epoch time. Problem for me is convert to utc time

My bad my brain read Hour not HR :frowning:

will give you the minutes since last measured would that do?

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Thank you Ron. I’ll try :+1:

I haven’t gotten the chance to play with it, but is should be something like this [HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME] [HOUR_0_11_Z] : [MIN]

You would need to create two versions, a 12H and a 24H

NVM, this is incorrect.

That would be seconds Ron.
For minutes something like

(([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME]%60)/60)%60 works, but how remove decimal numbers?

I tried (((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME]%60)/60)%60)-((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME]%60)/60)%60)%1) but is some incorrect number

This works: ((((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME])/1000)/60)%60)-((((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME])/1000)/60)%60)%1))


This works: ((((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME])/1000)/60)%60)-((((([UTC_TS]-[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME])/1000)/60)%60)%1))

That is great. I will request they return that in some sort of human readable time.
As soon as I signed off yesterday I slapped my forehead as I knew I had made an error. I hadn’t even considered if it was more than one hour.

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