Adding second UTC time on GW4

I’m in the progress of creating a watch face. I’m having trouble with adding a second Time and would like it in UTC. I added the time, but when I put the UTC Offset tag ([HOUR_1_24_Z]:[MIN_Z][TMZN_OFS]), it shows current time with +5 beside it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or doing right :slight_smile:

I also would like to have the baro reading from the sensor on the display and the battery % to change color at certain % of battery. I had all these setup on my GW3, but can’t figure it out in the latest version of studio.

Hello. The offset tag provides text string, which cannot be used in calculation.
I guess you would have to use UTC timestamp. Check topics below for some clues.

About the baro, you will be probably disappointed with the “WFS philosophy”

If you’ve made a slot for a complication, you can add Freetown to your list of locations and have that pop up as a choice. If you’re just adding hour/minute hands, you can set them to be synced with Freetown instead of your device.

If you are trying to make something like a CCW rotating ring of world cities for a world timer (I have, hehe, I saw Patek Philippe’s world timer and had to have that complication) you can hack around TZ and STD/DST issues with this.

I’ve formatted the line for readability, but you can paste it into a tag field. What it does is basically compare your offset with your offset during DST to determine if there should be an extra hour. If you never move in parts of the world that have DST, congratulations, you don’t have to worry about this.

  floor([UTC_TS]/1000/3600) % 24) 
  + (
         ([TMZN_OFS]!=[TMZN_OFS_WITH_DST]) ? 1 : 0

TIP: add your local time hour to the above to make local time be at the top of the ring.

Not WFS philosophy but Wear OS philosophy. :slight_smile:
See Principles of Wear OS Development. While that is mostly about Android apps, it is a good thing to understand the philosophy of Wear OS. Android is not much into personalization.

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Thanks for all the replies. I just went with keeping it simple and for my UTC I just added a Small Text and complication of world time. Now I think my battery % is not showing accurate. Been at 44% for almost 2 hours. It does show the increase when I charged it for a bit.

I’ve noticed that Battery % will stay at one level for some time then seem to have a quick reduction (right now I’ve been on 94% for hours) you can check it in the settings for Battery and see if that is the same.