Do I have to be a Samsung Partner to sell wallpapers in Galaxy Store?

I’m new to Samsung developing and I would like to know if I need to be Samsung’s partner so I can sell wallpapers in Galaxy Store? I already am a Free Distribution Seller, so do I now need to request Commercial Seller Status to sell wallpapers with a price in Galaxy Store? Can I sell only wallpapers in the store?

If you aren’t already you need to be a Theme Approved partner you can find information on how to apply for that Here The theme and wallpaper seller is a closed ecosystem.

Information on how to apply to be a theme partner can be found HERE

To sell a Theme App (Theme, Wallpaper, Icon and AOD) requires you to register for commercial seller status.
Sellers don’t need to be Samsung’s partner and should not sign for partner type seller office account.

I hope this helps if you have other questions feel free to ask.

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What are the benefits of becoming a Theme Approved partner? Why should I become a partner, if I can sell my wallpapers without the partnership?

Samsung has lots of things called partners. For Themes there are two types of partners. One is for all of Samsung and it has to do with merchandising and special access, etc. and you do not need to be that type of Samsung Partner.

However Theme designing (and that includes Wallpapers, icons and AOD) does require you to be approved as a Theme partner. You can not just upload wallpapers to the seller store like Android wallpapers. Samsung has a closed ecosystem for designers for themes and watch faces.

I apologize if that wasn’t clear before.
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Thank you for your reply! Your reply helped me to understand Samsung.

I know of at least one seller who only lists Wallpaper… and a few icons. So I’m thinking it’s possible to apply and become a wallpaper only seller…

Ok. Thanks! I just don’t get it why Samsung doesn’t offer the Theme Editor to everyone. How Samsung thinks that we are supposed to make Themes without the Editor, so we can apply to the partnership? Is the Editor supposed to be a gift when accepted via the application process?

In my view, it’s great they don’t offer it to everyone. Look at watch faces where they allow anyone to download and use GWD… The amount of substandard, low quality, internet photo and duplicate designs on the store makes it impossible to stand out; Sellers need to be experts at marketing to promote their content. At least with themes there is a check to help moderate content, although once accepted, there is no check to see what type of content, if any, is posted…

You are kind of right. I just feel that I can’t show my best in the application process without a specific editor made to do themes. I think that this is a major flaw in SDP. Everything else has been well planned out.

The review process isn’t looking for a great Theme designer, but a great designer. Originality is important as is someone that understands design tools and can follow instructions.


and be prepared it will help,

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And don’t forget to attend this webinar or look for it on the developer YouTube page…

WOW! Submitting A Great Mobile Device UI Themes Portfolio

Thanks for the tips!

I think the benefit is your name will be recorded and recognized as the theme designer on Samsung. Right?

It is much more than that. Samsung Theme partner are registered designers who’s designs have been approved for distribution before they can be installed. This assures that compliance with Samsung UI standards. While you can create wallpapers for personal use using Android tools you can not create Samsung Galaxy Themes.

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Ok. Thanks for the info! I will now start designing the 6 Themes and when I’m ready, I will apply for Samsung Theme Designer.

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