Do you still need to get every theme certified through open calls after getting approved for partnership?


I just found out that my design submission last month got approved and received invitation for partnership to use the Themes Studio. This is my first time, so I’m not sure how it works going forward, but will I need to keep submitting new theme ideas through public/open submission portals every time from this point? Or does being approved to be a Themes Design Partner mean I can create new themes in the Themes Studios without going through the public submission portals?

Thank you!

Congratulations, that’s great news, and an awesome accomplishment. If approved, you are now all set to start submitting content through the Seller portal, however there’s a couple of steps you need to take in order to start loading themes, wallpaper, Icons and AOD’s. Feel free to join our private Facebook group as we have helped several new themers recently to get started. I don’t like posting certain info on public forums in case the info is Samsung proprietary.

This topic covers the first step:

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Thank you, friend! I’ll be sure to check out the group as I begin this journey. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

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