Question About Selling Wallpapers and Icons on Other Platforms

Hello! I’m a relatively new theme designer, and I have a question about selling wallpapers and icons on other platforms. Is it okay to sell the wallpapers and icons I make not just on Galaxy Themes, but on other platforms as well, like Etsy or Gumroad? Does Samsung own my creations so that I can’t sell them elsewhere?
I feel like this may be kind of a no-brainer question, but I was confused even after reading the Samsung Developer Terms of Use and the Galaxy Themes Operation Guide, so I wanted to make sure.
Thank you in advance!

Terms and Conditions

Clauses 8.1 You do not transfer ownership of the Application to Samsung by submitting it

Clause 9.3 Listing, marketing, distribution, installation and use of your Application in the STORE does not violate any agreements to which you are a party or of which you are otherwise aware;

So make sure the other store where it is listed does not have a rule against it.

Having said that if you have something on another service and then ask Samsung to publish it may be rejected as an Intellectual Property violation. You have to prove that you created the design on the other platform.

As always you should have a 3rd party read over the entire terms and conditions to be sure if you don’t understand them.

Samsung Developer Relations