Does the Samsung Health app change the green led sensor value?

Hello, I was trying to get PPG data based on the Green LED Sensor value using a Galaxy watch (SM-R810).
So, I created data using the Sensor API in the document and drew a graph using that data.
However, I confirmed that the graph I created has a different shape from the graph that comes out when measuring the heart rate provided by the Samsung built-in health app.
How does Samsung’s built-in health app process this PPG data and display a graph?

I moved this to Galaxy Watch Tizen Native, if you are using Web API based move it to the Tizen Web or let me know and I’ll move it to that forum.

Regarding your question, Samsung Health is a proprietary API and not public. However I believe there are several examples in github for both web and native that you can get help from.

Samsung Developer Relations