"Seeking Guidance on Adjusting Green LED Luminosity in a Heart Rate Mo


I’m currently developing a heart rate monitoring app based on the Tizen operating system for the Galaxy Watch 3. During the development process, I’ve encountered some issues and am reaching out for assistance.

The issue involves the luminosity of the green LED used in the app. As seen in the attached photos, the left image shows the green LED luminosity when using the “Favorite Exercises” widget, while the right image shows the luminosity in a general heart rate measurement state (including the app I’m developing). Comparing these two states, I’ve found a significant difference in the accuracy of the heart rate measurements and the frequency of undetected segments. The device used as a control group for comparison is ‘Polar’.

I anticipate that if I can develop the app to achieve a similar green LED luminosity state as seen with the “Favorite Exercises” widget, there would be improvements in measurement accuracy and a reduction in undetected segments. Thus, I’m looking to find out if there is an API available on the Tizen platform that allows for the adjustment of the green LED’s luminosity. If there is such an API, or if there’s another way to resolve this issue, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

I’ve attempted to seek answers through various channels, but have yet to receive a clear response. I hope to receive assistance through your expertise.

Thank you.

Hope you are fine.
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