Elements in the project


using gwd1.8.1, I realize that if I try new fonts and save my project, the fonts are saved even if they are no longer part of the project. There is a button to add but no button to delete the fonts … how to do it?
And when we open the gwd file, a hidden folder is created and I also notice that images that I had tested are still saved in the gwd file while they are no longer on the screen (they do not are no longer used). Is this normal? because it still seems strange that things that are no longer part of the project are still saved in the gwd file. What do you think ?

thank you

I think its normal for the purpose you would use the ctrl+z to undo previous actions, but it does not make so much sense anymore, when there is no history after saving and reopening the project and the window with resources has been removed either.

But then does that mean that when we build the final file, it will contain elements which are not necessary and which will overload the file to create to send to the watch?

Actually no, there will be only used resources gathered and exported during the build proces (even the x-marked hidden layers will be omitted). You can check the file size and will notice the .tpk is smaller than .gwd with unused resources in it. To be even more sure, rename the .tpk to .zip and look whats inside. In any way its a waste of disk space if the resources cant be accessed and deleted or used again directly.

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Okay. I’ll watch, thank you very much.