Resources Previews

Hi all,
How can I activate resources previews in gwd / gws?

Hello, I am not sure if you mean the same, but the list of used resources called resource preview was removed since GWD version 1.7

I wanted to know if it could be activated again so I could do some tests …
@Peter did you know that if you cancel all the layers that you have in a Watch Face already created, they remain?

I only experienced the unused (removed) resources remain in the .gwd file. Last time I checked in the built .tpk they were not there. Try for your own, add some various layers, then remove some and build a .tpk file. It should be possible to look inside it when renamed from .tpk to .zip (that should work same with .gwd to .zip)

Make a feature request Vote topic and I’ll submit this as a new feature request.
There are reasons that a resource is added to the project file and not removed but as Peter said they are not included in the .tpk when you build that.

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Just recently, I ran into problem with file size and I could not find the Resource Preview in 1.8 and GWS. I needed to switch to 1.6 to find the image layers that causing the bloated file size. In this case, Resource Preview is very handy especially when we have lots of layers in the watch face.