Encryption breaks web widget javascript

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had fix/workaround for this,
same issue as here: https://developer.samsung.com/forum/thread/package-web-widget-with-web-application/201/350035?boardName=SDK&listLines=20&startId=zzzzz~&startPage=152&curPage=154

The bug was reported almost 2 years ago but no fix…


Just use obfuscation to hide JavaScript/HTML/CSS in your web app. Last Tizen Studio supports obfuscation (minifying) from the box.

thanks, I’ll take a look at that.

I had the same problem recently. So the issue still exists. Activating encryption broke my widget too. If I copy all the javescript content from the javascript file (main.js) into the html file index.html directly between <script> tags instead of just including the filename there, it works with encryption enabled.
Cheers mate

Thanks Vas, thats good to know.