Tizen Web Debug broken since update to Tizen

With Tizen 4.0 on the Galaxy Watch there was a known issue with the web debugging feature when using recent Chromium versions.

But now since I have updated to Tizen on my Galaxy Watch, I can’t get the web debugging feature to work at all any more. I start the app on the watch with “app_launcher -w -s” which prints the port to connect to. I can load that URL in chromium, but when selecting an “inspectable WebContent”, I get an empty screen and some error in the JavaScript console:

shell.js:3115 Uncaught TypeError: document.registerElement is not a function
    at Object.UI.registerCustomElement (shell.js:3115)
    at shell.js:3127
    at shell.js:3129
devtools_app.js:9 Uncaught ReferenceError: SDK is not defined
    at devtools_app.js:9
inspector.js:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: SDK is not defined
    at inspector.js:2

Is this a known issue and is there any workaround?

Hello, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here

Maybe… for the moment I was actually more interested to hear if anyone else is having the same issue or if someone can confirm that it is still working as expected.

@cmeerw Did you had a solution?