Error Installing Tizen Web Application on Review only

Dear community,

I have developed a Tizen Wearable web application that has been on the store for some years now and passed countless updates / store reviews without any problems.

Some weeks ago, I finished the latest update (no major changes, especially not regarding configs) which works on my watches®, however, not for the support team which refuses to push the much needed update.

Since I cannot reproduce the error, I have no idea how to fix it. It even works when installing it via the beta channel. To me it seems there is an issue with the certificate, as the following message appears in the logs the support team sent me:

10-08 14:21:32.900+0700  4394  4394 W CERT_SVC: WrtSignatureValidator.cpp: check(522) > e[38;5;202;1mInvalid package - file hash value is difference.e[0m
10-08 14:21:32.900+0700  4394  4394 W WRT_INSTALLER: task_certify.cpp: throwCertificateInvalidException(373) > e[38;5;202;1mCertificate is Invalid [-31]e[0m
10-08 14:21:32.900+0700  4394  4394 E WRT_INSTALLER: task_certify.cpp: stepSignature(350) > e[38;5;160;1mError occured in signature validator: 79e[0m
10-08 14:21:32.970+0700  4394  4394 E APP2EXT : job_widget_install.cpp: SendFinishedFailure(412) > e[38;5;160;1me[38;5;160;1mError number: 79e[0me[0m
10-08 14:21:32.970+0700  4394  4394 E APP2EXT : job_widget_install.cpp: SendFinishedFailure(413) > e[38;5;160;1me[38;5;160;1mMessage: Invalid signature. Signed with wrong key, changed signature file or changed package filee[0me[0m
10-08 14:21:32.970+0700  4394  4394 W WRT_INSTALLER: pkgmgr_signal.cpp: sendSignal(275) > e[38;5;202;1mSuccess to send pkgmgr signal: error - 79:Invalid signature. Signed with wrong key, changed signature file or changed package filee[0m

I have re-registered the app four times now, reinstalled Tizen Studio, renewed all certificates but the application will just not work on the support team’s watch.

I’m looking forward to any advice you can give.

Dear @tob1602654916,
I advice you contact Samsung Help Team, there will be willing to help and they will reply you quickly.
Link: (

Do feel free to contact me if you have any other issue or question!

Best Wishes,

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My first guess would be that you have signed the app using a different author certificate. You need to use the original certificate, otherwise you will not be able to update the app in the store.

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Thank you for your support.
Reinstalling Tizen Studio and importing the same certificates produced a working version. My guess is that there was some kind of misconfiguration that led to wrong hashes being computed.