eSim deleting problem on the Samsung s22


We are developing an application that downloads and deletes eSIM profiles. And we have an issue with Samsung S22.

*Google Pixel: the installing and deleting works well
*Samsung S22: the installing works well, but the deleting is not working

The main point is that it works from the system settings, but we are trying to delete an eSim profile from our application. We always receive the result code 2 (in the documentation says that it’s the result code for an operation indicating that an unresolvable error occurred. EXTRA_EMBEDDED_SUBSCRIPTION_DETAILED_CODE will be populated with a detailed error code for logging/debugging purposes only.), but these additional codes (detailed code 0, operation code 0, and error code 0) are zero which means that its default values, so it’s hard to understand where is the problem

Do you have any idea what can lead to the issue with deleting an eSim profile?


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You can create support request in Developer Support | Samsung Developers channel.