eSim fails to install for the app with carrier privileges on Samsung S20 Android 11

Steps to reproduce:

  • get the DENT app from the Play market
  • Register with a real phone number
  • Go to Data Plan tab
  • Press Get Started button
  • Buy an initial package of 200 MB Worldwide for small amount of DENTs
  • Press “Set Up DENT eSim”
  • On the eSim installation screen, Allow DENT app to install the eSim

Expected result : eSim is installed successfully
Actual result : on Samsung S20 with Android 11 eSim installation fails.
Additional info :

  1. DENT app has carrier privileges and installs eSim without any issues on Samsung devices with Android 10
  2. EuiccManager.downloadSubscription() method first returns with a result code EMBEDDED_SUBSCRIPTION_RESULT_RESOLVABLE_ERROR (result code 1).
  3. After receiving a result code 1, DENT app tries to launch a resolution activity, the process fails with code 1 (resolvable error)
  4. After second attempt to launch a resolution activity, the process fails with code 2 (unresolvable error)
  5. The received result intents have no additional descriptions or codes in extras.

Installation goes successful only if the user scans the QR-code of our eSim with a system QR-scanner.
Samsung devices with Android 10 and devices from other brands with Android 11 install esim from our app without any problems

App link:


I think you may report the issue in Samsung developer support officially.
Here is the link- Support | Samsung Developers


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Please check the issue on latest software version. It should be fixed with latest update.
If you get the fix on latest software, please share your test result/opinion here so that other developers can get help.

Thank you.

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Hello! Thanks for update!
Right after update I was available to install the esim, but then I went into some other issues with eSim visibility and working state. Will describe in the next comment.

If the phone had no eSim before, the installation goes successfully.
If there is already another eSim installed, issues can occur
If previous eSims were removed, they can still be attached to phone in some “invisible” state and cause weird issues. Currently searching for exact steps to reproduce

Further constraints to those who have problems:

  1. if the esim gives you notice “SIM card busy” and is not shown in the Settings as the installed eSim, restart the phone and wait for 2-4 minutes. It can appear and activate after restart
  2. if the esim is not visible after reboot, try removing all existing esims, restarting the phone, and then installing your esim. If your esim does not appear in the list right after installation, consider rebooting.
  3. If you have some outstanding installation problems, please comment in this thread


I reported the issue eSIM download does not work on Galaxy S20 since Android 11

We also have problems with eSIM download on S20 from our 3rd party app.
We shared data with Samsung Dev support, but they apparently don’t reproduce. We are using commercial S20 phones.

From the latest firmware update, it is possible to download a eSIM profile, but it takes 2 minutes and this is very problematic.
For comparison, it takes 15 seconds on a Pixel 3, from the system LPA, and was also 15 seconds on S20 with Android 10.


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Hi all
When do you expect this issue will be resolved?