eSim fails to install for the app with carrier privileges on Samsung S20 Android 11

Steps to reproduce:

  • get the DENT app from the Play market
  • Register with a real phone number
  • Go to Data Plan tab
  • Press Get Started button
  • Buy an initial package of 200 MB Worldwide for small amount of DENTs
  • Press “Set Up DENT eSim”
  • On the eSim installation screen, Allow DENT app to install the eSim

Expected result : eSim is installed successfully
Actual result : on Samsung S20 with Android 11 eSim installation fails.
Additional info :

  1. DENT app has carrier privileges and installs eSim without any issues on Samsung devices with Android 10
  2. EuiccManager.downloadSubscription() method first returns with a result code EMBEDDED_SUBSCRIPTION_RESULT_RESOLVABLE_ERROR (result code 1).
  3. After receiving a result code 1, DENT app tries to launch a resolution activity, the process fails with code 1 (resolvable error)
  4. After second attempt to launch a resolution activity, the process fails with code 2 (unresolvable error)
  5. The received result intents have no additional descriptions or codes in extras.

Installation goes successful only if the user scans the QR-code of our eSim with a system QR-scanner.
Samsung devices with Android 10 and devices from other brands with Android 11 install esim from our app without any problems

App link:

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I think you may report the issue in Samsung developer support officially.
Here is the link- Support | Samsung Developers


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Please check the issue on latest software version. It should be fixed with latest update.
If you get the fix on latest software, please share your test result/opinion here so that other developers can get help.

Thank you.