eSIM download does not work on Galaxy S20 since Android 11


We are developing an application that downloads eSIM profiles. Since Android 11, we have an issue on Samsung S20.

  • Galaxy S20 without any eSIM profile installed: fails to download
  • Galaxy S20 with an eSIM profile already installed: works well
  • Google Pixel: works well in all use cases

It works from the system obviously, but we are doing it from an application.

When there is no profile already registered on the device, the eSIM download request responds with
In this situation, we prompt the user by calling the startResolutionActivity, but this fails even if the user allows the access to the eUICC profile.
It was working with Android 10.

Would anyone have a way to make this work?


Hi Johann,
We are communicating with respective team regarding this issue.

Thank you.