Questions about accessing Samsung Health data

I know that there is some posts here about this topic, but I still very confused. Let me explain what I want and see if it is possible.

I want to develop an Android app that collects Samsung Health data and sends it to a remote server for further processing. Right now I own a Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800) and a Samsung Galaxy S22+. Possibly in the future I’ll buy the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

I don’t intend to publish the app into the Play Store, it’s just to my own phone, at least in the near future. I’m aware that different Galaxy Watches use Tizen or WearOS, but since I will gather the data from Samsung Health app does it matter from where the data came to the Samsung Health app? The sdk to access the Samsung Health app data should be the same right?

So with this, is it possible to achieve this objective? If so can someone please guide me on what do I need to do? (apply, download, etc?)

Thanks in advance.

No it is not possible. Here is why.
EU and all other Countries have privacy laws that require the app developer to say how their data is used stored and shared as well as other permissions for Android (or iOS) operations. There for the Samsung Health information is only allowed to approved premier health partners, who have signed agreements with Samsung.

A few years ago it was possible to do what you want as a developer for just your own personal use or during testing for a few other users but that ship sailed in 2019 with the EU GDPR regulations.

What you can do is get the raw sensor data and create your own algorithms to interpret the raw sensor data (for example you can get step count and heart rate and determine calories burnt) but you can not access Samsung Health proprietary data.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply.
By raw sensor data you mean get the data directly from watches? If so can you point me to an article or similar that informs me on how to achieve that on Samsung products?

You need an app on your watch either Tizen or Wear OS depending on the Watch version and a companion app on your mobile. Here is the documentation on a web app for Tizen Studio (Galaxy Watch) for the Galaxy Watch5 you’d use Android Studio

There is an example on the same page if you scroll down a bit.

You can also do Tizen code in Native C/C++ and I believe there are similar example pages for that.

Hope this helps.

Samsung Developer Relations