Fail to Install WGT on SSSP, Partner certificate issue (install failed[118012])

Device Info
Model: QM43R
Type No: LH43QMRE
Software version: T-KTM2ELAKUC-2040.1, 2040
SN: 088DHNDMA00001R
Tizen: 4.0, SSSP6

Macbook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
Chip Apple M1
OS: macOS Big Sur, version 11.6

Hi I’m new to Tizen.
I’ve tried to use normal Tizen Public Certificate, it works both Emulator and TV (real device) with commontv-apis.

I’m moving to b2bapis which I’ve already got access to samsungdforum, I can’t find any instructions to setup certificate on the site but StackOverflow says it need to include <script type="text/javascript" src="$B2BAPIS/b2bapis/b2bapis.js"></script>, so I’ve tried and it didn’t work on Emulator but TV.

Now, I’m able to access window.b2bapis on the real device TV but got access denied.

I’ve tried to create Samsung Partner Certificate (also Tizen Partner Certificate) both get install fail from tizen install like below:
ref: Creating Certificates | Samsung Developers

  • already rebuild and pack package with new certificate
  • already permit to install the app via Device Manager with new certificate
  • already tried removing all the certs and left only new Samsung Partner Certificate
Installing the package...
Platform log view
install RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer
package_path /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/tizenplayer.wgt
was_install_app return WAS_TRUE
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] install start
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] installing[7]
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] installing[9]
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] installing[11]
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] installing[14]
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] installing[16]
app_id[RCn3O6t0oY.tizenplayer] install failed[118012]
spend time for wascmd is [1005]ms
Failed to install Tizen application.
Total time: 00:00:02.150

Could someone please help me with this?

  1. Am I correct in generating the certificate to get b2bapis working? why is it failing with 118012 on installing but Tizen public cert is fine?
  2. I can’t find any documentation to get Service running background on SSSP6 also, could someone please guide me?

Ps. this is my failed Partner Certificate looks like

But this normal Public Tizen works fine
Screen Shot 2565-03-07 at 17.20.46

Wrong page for TV Certificates. Use the instructions for Smart TV Certificates.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, thank you so much for your replying.

I also have tried the setup with that site, but still getting the same error.


Hi Ken,

I just noticed you were doing B2B API, is this a signage or Hotel TV then you need something else. You need to contact the Smart TV Seller Office for support on that.

Samsung Developer Relations

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It is Signage TV (SSSP).
I’ve checked with my team, one of my team has Smart TV Seller Office contact point.

Thank you for your help, Ron.