Wgt Distribution - Tizen 7 Cert Problem

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At this point:
I have a question about problem with install / distributing wgt app on Tizen 7 system.
At this point we use in TizenStudio, cert with Tizen profile. We build wgt package and host it on web serwer.
On TV ( usually QB13R and QM43B ) we set app url and set source to URL Launcher.

On TV with Tizen 7 ( QM43C ) we cannot install app neither from TizenStudio or Url.
On TizenStudio I have cert error.

Very Important:
Samsung TV’s of ours clients are connected to there network with no internet access whatsoever.

What is prober / the best solution to distribute and update wgt app on many ( several hundred ) offline TV’s ?
Samsung profile cert push me to create dozens of certificates and on any TV replacement in customer buildings (e.g. TV breakdown ), need do be regenerated with new DUID’s

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I think most businesses just publish their app in the Smart TV store that way you can update all apps and such without having to to to a brick and mortar site.

In order to run on a Samsung Device you need a Samsung Distributor Certificate. The Samsung (Tizen) Distributor certificate in your profile is replace but a Samsung as Distributor certificate.

I think for the Smart Signage and Hospitality control you would use the Tizen Business Manager or the Magic Info system.

There is other B2B options.

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