Find watch fonts

Hello ,where can I find the fonts for the galaxy studio to be included in the Truetype font menu?

You can copy and paste them from your windows folder " fonts" to your font folder in GWS
in c drive where it is installed

thank you, but where can I find other fonts such as digital characters of numbers

Either you create them in a photo editor and save it as a .ttf file or you download them
on …, please be careful with copyright and IP issues, Samsung does take that very seriously, unless they are for personal use.

thank you Malcon, take advantage of your availability , you could tell me how to make for this error in the attached photo and how to set the parameters, thank you againerror

in the AoD design you have to reduce the number of pixels that are on, or lower their average brightness.
remove some unnecessary elements or make them darker, or simply cover the whole design with a black image and play with its opacity.

The AOD can be a painful thing, but in addition to what Peter mentioned, you reduce the opacity of certain elements, eliminate the app shortcuts text (cause they don’t work in the AOD mode) and just about replace the whole face with darker elements or colored elements as opposed to white or grey elements, getting the On Pixel Ratio down to at least less than 15%(the lower the better)

My two cents.

Be sure you aren’t designing the active watch in the AoD workspace. If it has the OPR ratio in the window bottom that is the AoD work space and trying to build it will give that error.

In AoD mode you can simply select all and reduce the opacity of everything at once too.

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