Can't load fonts

I’m new here, and perhaps this has already been answered. I read the forum’s “Your topic is similar to…” posts, but still can’t find an answer. I can’t get any fonts to load, not even the ones that came in the \Galaxy Watch Studio\font folder. When I try to load a TrueType Font, the dropdown says “Sync to Device” and I select the “Add Font” option. It goes through the process, it seems, of selecting a font, but after I select the font, it’s not there and the dropdown still says “Sync to Device” and nothing else is listed other than “Add font”. I saw in the FAQ where it says you can click and drag a TTF file into the GWS workspace, but that does nothing either. What am I doing wrong, and is anyone else having issues like this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Robomuse ,
You first need to load the font into GWS by adding the font and then select the loaded font for the project. Below the screenshot before loading a font,
Now, see after loading the “always forever” font, it is in the list and you have to make sure selecting it for your project. See the tick mark sign left to it which indicates it is selected for this project.

Hope this will help.

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Thanks. As stated before, when I clicked on the dropdown to add a font, none showed up. However, this morning, I was having issues with the program, so I uninstalled it and re-installed. All my fonts are there now. Thanks again for the reply.