How to use other True Type Fonts

New user here. I searched and read here that I could use the True Type add font button to add some fonts by copying the fonts I want to use from the Windows/fonts folder to the font folder in the Galary Watch Studio folder on my C: drive. So I copied some Garamond fonts into the folder, but when I click add fonts GWS doesn’t see them. I even renamed them with Watch at the front since all the other fonts start that way.

Three screen shots: showing the fonts using Windows explorer in the Windows/Fonts directory. Then using add font, from GWS doesn’t show the fonts. Then showing that directing GWS add font to the Windows/Font folder they don’t show up there either.

Maybe i am missing some simple step. Oh, and I rebooted computer and restarted GWS.

Must be that GWS does not support the Garamond font, I tried a different one (Georgia) and it works.


I copied the Garamond font folder to the GWS\Font folder and it added 3 fonts, normal, bold and italic it doesn’t add the folder. They were then available for me to use. I needed admin permission to copy them. The Windows Font folder does not show up with the GWS Add Font.

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Thanks, I should updated my response. I was trying to use the Adobe Garamond Pro fonts. When I found I could use the Georgia fonts I went back and tried the non-Adobe Garamond and that worked too, as you have now also shown.

I believe Adobe are OpenType Fonts not TrueType Fonts. Unfortunately GWS does not support OTF.

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Got it, thanks. Plenty of others to choose from.