Flutter 2.8 + Flame (game engine)

Since Samsung started supporting Flutter I’ve been working on a game for Galaxy Watches using standard Flutter.

However, yesterday it was announce that the “Flame” game engine is going to be part of Flutter going forward.

Has anyone tried it on Galaxy Watches, will it pass certification?

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I think you will need to as this question on the Android Developer discussions Galaxy Watch4 is an Android device. I don’t believe that the older Tizen versions of Galaxy Watch support Flutter.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have been building and deploying to a standard Galaxy Watch, with no issues. I asked a question about Flutter on Tizen previously (Flutter on Tizen), the repository was marked as an official Samsung one.

The repository “issues” section also mentions an app being released on the Samsung Store for Galaxy Watch (Publish: Undocumented APIs is detected (allow list) · Issue #21 · flutter-tizen/flutter-tizen · GitHub).

My question was more concerned with the Flame game engine side of things.

I apologize, I ran into the Flutter documentation while looking for something else soon after replying to you and forgot to update this. I know even less about the Flame game engine. If no one helps you can try opening a support request. They have ties to the Tizen Studio Development team and they may know.


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I was able to run flame/examples at main · flame-engine/flame · GitHub on my Galaxy Watch Active by just adding two dependencies to its pubspec: shared_preferences_tizen and url_launcher_tizen.


Also there should be no issue with uploading your app to Galaxy Store as the issue you mentioned has been resolved.

That’s great. Thanks for your help.