What are others using for their game development?

Only recently got a Samsung Galaxy Watch, but I’m looking forward to getting some games developed on it. I have been a professional games developer for about 25 years.

What are other people using to do their development? I’m currently playing about with Unity (2017.2.5f1 is the last version that supports Tizen). Useful since it handles a lot of the low level ssytem stuff.

It’s a relatively smooth development process, useful that it can be tested/played on the PC before creating a Tizen package for installation.


I haven’t created a game for the watch yet. It’s something that’s on my radar though and I have a few ideas. It would be really cool to find like a resource page or a list of engines that support the Galaxy Watch / Tizen platform. If not the big commercial ones like Unity & Unreal, is there maybe open source ones that support it? Like you, I’m also very interested in reading more about gamedev on a galaxy watch.

I’m using Unity 2017.5.0 since a bug with the tilemap editor was introduced on subsequent versions. As long as you don’t go above Unity 2017.2.5 you can create Tizen packages that work fine on the Galaxy Watch.

They removed Tizen support after 2017.2.5.

I see…

btw… started a game project not too long ago using the Godot engine… I realized, being opensource, maybe look in to adding support for Tizen would be something worth investigating.

The little I’ve been developing in Godot, I really like the engine, it’s super snappy, lightweight and fun to code in.

Just something I thought would be worth sharing… there’s so much focus on Unity and Unreal these days.

If I had the time I would look into adding Tizen support to Godot myself!

I have used Godot in the past and it was very good, and it has only got better with the version 3. If it could support Galaxy Watch I’d definitely use it.

There is a lot of focus on Unity and Unreal, but for a smaller company they provide a good step up towards releasing games.

I use Unreal professionally, and in the past we have used an in-house engine which meant we had to do everything ourselves and being a small company we struggled to develop a game while developing the underlying engine.

Hello folks!

I’m creator of Proyecto26, if you are using Unity, check a little plugin I did for REST services: https://github.com/proyecto26/RestClient
For the moment I’m creating 2d games but using Phaser Framework with Tizen Web SDK, I 'm here to learn more about this awesome ecosystem, hope be able to learn and share with you guys!

My examples about Phaser Framework: https://codepen.io/collection/AQWqbV


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Thanks, I will take a look at your portfolio. I am working on numbers of app development projects and I am looking to outsourcing some of the projects to external partners. Let me take a look and revert you shortly.

Thanks for sharing, I will think of your suggestion.

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Hello folks,

And if you want to create games for Tizen using Web SDK, check my awesome list about JavaScript games: https://github.com/proyecto26/awesome-jsgames