Galaxy S6 RGB light Sensor interpretation/evaluation

So I came across the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has a RGB Light Sensor and according to the android Dokumentation this should be a single value which indicates the Illuminance. However in reality I get in fact 3 values, of which i first though this might be RGB values which they are probably not, since the first and the last value of these are always the same and the middle value is always quite larger.
Here is an example of what I get:
v[0] = 86.0
v[1] = 45877.0
v[3] = 86.0

I Guess the first and the last Value might be the Illuminance values to adjust the brightness of the display screen etc. But I wonder what the value in the middle is and if anyone know this or has an idea of what it might be I’d be thankful since I couldn’t find anything except of a single paper in which this is not further explained.