Galaxy Watch 4 series assets

Hey guys, I’ve searched and searched on google but I can’t find anything proper for me.

I’m searching for Galaxy Watch 4 series assets, just the watches in different arragment without any watchfaces. I can remember that there was a so called “Galaxy Store Asset Creator” for TizenOS watch models. Is there anything similair available for the Galaxy Watch 4 series?

this is what I used for Galaxy Watch 3 and previous watch models, just to show what I’m talking about
Asset Creator | Samsung Developers

big thanks for any tips
have a nice sunday :slight_smile:

We are in the process of building a new Asset Creator for Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS watch faces to be published on Google’s Play Store. We are also planning on creating new Lifestyle photos featuring the Galaxy Watch 4.


This sounds really really great :slight_smile: I’m definetly looking forward to it and can’t await it :slight_smile:

I guess you can’t tell me when it will be released? How is the process going?
Published on Google’s PlayStore means it will be an app?

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion. The new Asset Creator will not be an app, it will be just like the original Asset Creator (Photoshop template file). I was just clarifying that the Asset Creator is to help developers who publish their watch faces on Google’s Play Store. As for timing, all I can say is “soon”. :slight_smile:


ah ok, sorry for my misunderstanding. Great :slight_smile:

“Soon” and “we are in the process of…” is much better music than “I don’t know” :slight_smile:

Big thanks!

Can we also hope for WFS video tutorials, like you made for the GWD?

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Yes, we are working on video tutorials for WFS.


Thank you Tony. Trust it will be notified here once its published?

Also, are you working on a Blog about the issues developers are facing with regards to their apps not visible on Google Play Developer Page when accessed via android devices? There are about 13,840 android devices that are not supported on Google Play to view Developers Watch Face page with their catalogues. Also issues with apps/device being incompatible to download.

As a result, some publishers with coding skills have developed an empty “Companion App” to mask their app’s that makes it appear in Google Play.

Thank you.

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Hello Tony,
Are the assets psd avaialable? May i know where to check them if they are available?

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Maybe this link can help you. It’s not “the” asset creator, but some good template pics to work with…

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Any chance to get a version of asset creator for gimp? I couldn’t use the old one, doesn’t support smart objects I think?

No, I have never seen that before. But you can import it into Gimp. It has multiple layers, but no smart features. There is a lot of manual work… but a good base.