Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm Image Size

Hello, I got an email from a customer that says the size of my design image does not fit the 44mm size of their Galaxy Watch Active 2, and to please make an update for the 44mm size watch.

I’ve never been informed of this issue before, and don’t have a 44mm watch to test but cannot see how my design would not fit? Anyone have any ideas of something I could be doing wrong, or if you have encountered this, before I ask them for some photos? Thanks,

It is a 360 x 360 watch. Active2 has the active bezel and I suspect that the user expects it to be from edge to edge.

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Ah, thanks Ron, that has to be it, I still love my S2, rugged and works great :slight_smile:

Ron is right, it seems that some users don’t realize where the edge of the screen is on their Active/Active2 watches.

I’ve received similar emails before, claiming that a watch face “doesn’t fill the screen” of their Active2, or that it “doesn’t go to the edge” (when it literally does).
It’s the same 360x360 resolution on all watch models, so no worries about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the quick response. So is there any way for the customer to make the image fill the screen or is the bezel always going to take some of the screen? I wouldn’t want a watch face that didn’t fill the screen either! Thanks.

Hello, the active watches have portion of the glass around screen that will be always black.
But I doubt you would be one of the publishers using templates like this
and then stretching their own design over the whole glass area (even cover the black border) and confuse people thinking it could look that way. Maybe some people simply expect more than is possible.