Galaxy watch designer possibilities - questions

Dear all,

I would like support with the following questions related to Galaxy Watch Designer:

  1. Is it possible to move a watch hand certain degrees on double tap? Intention is to create 2 hour hands for dual time purposes on analog watches

  2. is there any way that Galaxy Watch Designer can understand if your watch is in active mode and display different images? Example: when the user is working out the watch face changes design?

  3. is there any way to start working out from a button on the face? I can reach the start workout screen with but can I go a level deeper like start bicycle or running?

Thank you very much

I can imagine solution only to the first question.
You can prepare 12 images of the watch hand rotated to each of the hour marks. Insert one as hour hand, then set it as button for changing image and assign the other 11 as alternatives.

That can be a solution… Thank you very much, I will give it a try!

You will need to develop using Tizen Studio for the activity. You might want to request more health options here in this forum in the Feature Request - Vote, Galaxy Watch Designer topic.

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