Galaxy Z Flip 5 density reported issue

I have noticed recently that since upgrade to Android 14 I have incorrect density reported with phone closed - Cover Screen.
I am calling the following android function:
float deviceScale = getApplicationContext().getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density;
The result on Android 14 is:
Cover Screen - 3
Main Screen - 3
Previously, on Android 13, I had correct values:
Cover Screen - 1.75
Main Screen - 3

Because of this, I also get incorrect Cover Screen size - width 1282, xdpi 428.625

What happen with Android 14 upgrade?
How to get correct values?


I think you need to open a Developer Support Request for this.

Samsung Developer Relations

I tried to open Developer Support Request but I couldn’t do it.
To submit request it tells me to “provide screenshots or videos and the dumpstate logs generated from reproducing the issue.”
I don’t have any screenshots or videos.
There is only one Android function call (…getDisplayMetrics().density) that returns incorrect value for Cover Screen. Due to that, result from calling other getDisplayMetrics(). (to get width, height returns incorrect values )
I can’t attach anything so I can’t submit Support Request.

Attachments are optional. It just really helps them understand better. For example take a picture with a different phone showing that the cover screen is incorrectly displayed. But you can just send in the information you posted here.


Hi Ron,
No, attachments are not optional. I can’t submit without attachment - see attached picture. That’s what shows up after pressing submit button. And I don’t have anything to attach.


I’ve never submitted an Other App - (Android) request so I’ve never seen it required. Just scroll down and select Other instead of the Other App - (Android)

Samsung Developer Relations