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Hi, I am trying to make a digital watch face with apps on it ( Email, WhatsApp and Google assistant) but there are no set properties for them. When I set say the WhatsApp. In properties I go to Actions - Tap - Tap opens app and then you scroll down to custom and it asks for app ID. How do I find the ID for these apps. Also can I change the app display to show notifications
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Hello if you are making watchface for watch with tizen OS, you will not be able to show notifications from apps. You can only make a shortcuts (provided you have them installed and know their ID). The GWS allows to create user customizable shortcuts. Its in the double tap menu on the end of list under name app-switcher.

Hi Peter, thank you for the reply.

I’m not sure I understand complete. I have a Galaxy Active 2 and I am using Wear OS. Not sure what the ID is or wear it comes from. If you can give any more information I would rely appreciate it

Hi again,
if you have galaxy active 2 watch, then you use the galaxy watch designer or studio program for making watchfaces.
A) if you want to make custom shortcut, you need to know the ID of the app on the watch. It looks usually like this:
Check this topic.
B) if you do not know the ID, or you simply want to be able to asign any app (for example some new that you install in future) to the button, the app-switcher makes it customizable from the watch. By double tap the watch offers list of installed apps and after selecting one, it will open by single tap ever since, until changed again by double tap.

Hi Peter, thank you, I will try what you said.

Thank you very much. you have been very helpful

Hi Peter,

The box at thebottom ( app switcher ) is not in my version on Galaxy warch studio.

The other point is , I have tried to find the ID for WhatsApp abd have not been successful

Regards Vijay

I do not know about any recent version that would not include this feature (I use GWD 1.6.2).
Make sure you set action to double tap and only then scroll down the list, it does not show up in single tap menu.