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Hello Galaxy Owners,

I’m in the process of creating my own watchface, i’m working on the design right now, i already did few tests to see what kind of shortcut i can use on the main screen, but for that i needed the APP IDs, i used Tizen and i connected my watch to it, and i did find the APP ID list.

The problem that i have is that for some IDs it’s easy to recognize, “”, but i would like to know how i can find exactly what App ID is for what? i mean without testing them all one by one.
I have some Apps downloaded, for exmple Philips hue, that i would love to run it from the Face watch, i can’t find it, does someone have a way to help me with that?

Thank you !

hi, in this topic they talk about the id of the applications, I hope it is useful for you.

Try this trick,
Open Galaxy Store App on your phone
upper right hand corner tap on 3 dots (note if you have updates you will see a number over the dots)
tap on My Page
tap on All
find the app you want to open and tap on it
tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
select Share
send it to yourself in email
it will send the program ID which quite often us also the app ID

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Thank you guys for your answers,

r.liechty_SDP Solution doesn’t work on my phone, there is no " Share " option in the galaxy store, and god knows i looked for it… =(

Also about the topic of YA_Soft, it’s kind of “duck tap” solution to use the App switch, that i also didn’t find.

I have the ability to see the App IDs, i just need to know how to identify each one of them, because i can’t test one by one. keep in mind that if i download a new App, i would need to remember wich one is the new one, and i can’t send mail to each Dev for that info, i need to be autonomous for the future.


HI Jaziri,

App Switcher only shows for double tap action it is exactly what you are looking for.
The end user double taps on it the first time and selects the app he wants (from all apps on his watch) for that button. From then on when they single tap on it the selected app opens. If they double tap again they can change the selection.

Except for the Apps that GWS shows… Unless you control and set up a watch you have no say over what apps are installed and removed on the end user’s watch.

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Thank you very much Ron for that answer, it does work very well, it’s a game changer ! ^^

I would love anyway to have a answer on how to identify the App IDs, if someone passing by have that info, i will be grateful.

Have a nice day people,