Set as button, custom open app

So, I’ve been scrounging around looking for the default app IDs to play with different buttons… i just got the timer working! ^^,


Is there an official list or details of where I can find the id of any app (default or installed, including subapps) that I want to open from my face?

And also recent apps - liek if you want to have a button that opens the “recent apps” page on the watch.

The best thing to do is use App Chooser and let the user select what app to run. Double tap the first time and the app is chosen then it is open with a single tap after that. This way you are sure that the app is available on the device.

However, there are ways to get the App IDs

If you have can code in Tizen Studio you can get a list of all App ID on a device there is a code snippet for this.

You for specific apps if they are in the store
Open Galaxy Store App on your phone
upper right hand corner tap on 3 dots (note if you have updates you will see a number over the dots)
tap on My Page
tap on All
find the app you want to open and tap on it
tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
select Share
send it to yourself in email
it will send the app ID

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Hello, I’m working with Jsonte on the same issues, and have a parallel question / thought:

(Edit: we installed Tizen Studio, were able to connect to our watches, and then review the app lists via the Device Manager)

on a similar note: is there a list of available commands / subsets that you /can/ call from a face touch/button in the Watch Studio v2 - perhaps to see things like ‘Recent Apps’, for example? I’d be happy with an RTFM response, if there was a detailed spec to read somewhere.