Glossy effect as second hand

Hello, everyone.
Does anyone have an idea how to create a second hand that moves along the golden line (quasi as a light effect)?
I tried to define the graphic as a second hand. But that doesn’t work properly with a shallow angle.

An animation, on the other hand, is far too choppy.

Somehow I have a brain block at the moment. The solution is probably very simple, but I can’t figure it out.

if the movement speed of the effect does not need to be exactly linear, you can make image of white blurred path along your decoration, then mask it with white blurred stick hand that moves only around the bottom section of circle. Where these two will intersect, there will be a blurred dot. I attached simple example to better explain my idea. Do not unzip, just rename it from .zip to .wfs and open it in WFS. (309.2 KB)


Thank you Peter I will try that.

Works perfect. Thank you for your efforts, Peter. Very awesome. :grinning: :+1:

hi, what i need a rectangle shape like a second hand works, from add a component - add shape - rectangle ?

Hi, I am sorry, but I am not sure what are you trying to do.
If you want to create a second hand that has a basic rectangle shape, then yes, you can add component shape, adjust its size and position as it would look at 00 seconds (pointing up) and then manually rewrite the inner pivot point coordinates to 225, 225 (automatically it was set to center of the shape).
Then add formula in the tags field for its rotation, for example 6*[SEC_MSEC] for smooth rotation.

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where can i get tags formula ?

i m new bro, i do not know formulas mostly, your formula works, thanks,
every experience makes me more conscious

so i need smilar formula for minute and hour hands,

You should be able to derive your own formulas like I did. When you are new, check the documentation and learn. For example start here:

Minute hand makes one circle (360°) in hour. There is 60minutes in hour. So for each one the hand makes 1/60 of circle, that is 360°/60=6° per minute. So for minute hand I would use [MIN_SEC]*6
Hour hand makes one circle in 12 hours so that is 360°/12=30° per hour, so use for example [HOUR_0_11_MIN]*30

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math is everywhere , thanksmate again :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find adding a simple calorie counter! must i use a formula for calorie ?

I do not think there was any built in tag for calories. And to approximately calculate calories, you would need imput from user at least weight, but wfs does not offer any user imput.
To show calories on the face I would use complication, but sorry, I have no experience with this. Calories are least important thing on watch to me.

I would like it to appear on screen like this