CCW Rotation sweep animation for second hand greyed out


I’m trying to make a second hand move with a sweep effect (smooth rotation) but counter clock wise. The option gets greyed out whenever i’m trying that


Any help would be appreciated

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Hello, as workaround there could be the hand inserted as image element and set to rotate counter clockwise with negative tag expression. However in preview it is not so smooth as the sweep option.

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I tried that but couldn’t get a smooth motion in the preview either. Will have to wait till my watch arrives to test out different formulas (unless they fix that until then). Thanks :wink:

Hi, I tried this workaround but the second hand start and ends incorrectly. the watch seconds points at 02 instead of 00. and when it ends, it points at 58 instead of 60 (eg: time is 00:00:00 but seconds points at 00:00:58).

any solution to this?

Ist there a solution finaly?? if i wanna make a two cockwheels-animation one of them has to run ccw.
how do i do a smooth ccw animation in WFS??? No problem in GWS - not possible in WFS.
if i conver t a GWS file CCW rotation works on the watch. With WFS i cant do that? OMG :see_no_evil: :man_facepalming:

Why is rotate and value settings still greyd out??? that are fundamental settings and 5 months after release still not available. what a shame. that watch (and software) is such a downgrade since WearOS.
The floor counting an that watch is a mess. On my 3 years old Galaxy Watch the floor counter is waaaayyyy more acurate than on that Google-Samsung-4-Crap-Watch :rage:How can it be that a new gerneration hardware is soooo much worse than the previous one??

Did you ever get this figured out?? It’s driving me nuts too!

Nope, the sweep motion is still limited to a clockwise movement…

Please make this a top priority for the next release.

Facing same issue any solution yet ?