Google Play Console I Migrate existing Wear OS releases

Hello Ron, SDP team; I hope I’m not duplicating this post.

*I have a problem understanding how to migrate my apps on Google Play - as forewarned by Google. Has anyone tried it successfully?

I can’t seem to find those features as instructed in step 4 “remove inactive Wear OS app bundles and APKs from your default track” !?

If I were to contact their support team, I’m sure they will confuse me even further.*

Their instruction is:

Migrate existing Wear OS releases

If you currently have Wear OS apps that you want to continue distributing on Google Play, you must migrate Wear OS releases from the default track to “Wear OS Only” tracks.

You can migrate releases to “Wear OS Only” tracks from May to the end of August, 2023. During this period, you can continue to roll out Wear OS releases via the standard track. From September, Wear OS releases on default tracks will still serve users, but you won’t be able to update them.

To migrate your release:

  1. Open Play Console, go to the Publishing overview page, and search for the release you want to migrate to the “Wear OS Only” track.
  • Note: You can also open the production or testing track page directly and select your release there.
  1. If your release contains a Wear OS app bundle, you’ll see a notification at the top of the page about changes to Wear OS releases. Click Create a Wear OS track under the notification.

  2. Choose one of the following options:

  • Copy testers, countries, and app bundles from existing tracks: Testers, countries, and app bundles will be copied from your existing testing and production tracks. You’ll still be able to make changes. App bundles won’t be copied for tracks where you have a staged rollout in progress. To copy app bundles, finish your staged rollouts before continuing. If you’re an API user you’ll need to update your integration to use the new track ID.
  • Don’t copy testers, countries, and app bundles: If you choose this option, you’ll need to add this information when preparing your Wear OS release.
  1. Click Create tracks.

After creating a “Wear OS Only” release track, remove inactive Wear OS app bundles and APKs from your default track, and publish a new release without the Wear OS app bundle. From this point, you can manage your Wear OS releases and users separately to your mobile or other form factor releases

Note for API users

After you create dedicated Wear OS release tracks, you’ll no longer be able to use the existing API to release Wear OS app bundles or APKs using your default track. You must update your integration to use the new Wear OS track IDs.

Source: Manage Wear OS Release


Take the following steps. Choose a watchface… go to release overview … Release Dashboard … then create a Wearos track in the display … Make item 1 (Make and Create Track) … Edit the release … Upload no new AAB, unless you want to submit an update at the same time … then Next and save … to the overview … last step submit.

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Awesome. Thank you SWWatchDesign, most appreciated.

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I created Wear OS tracks, but the previous bundle is still available on Google Play. I can’t seem to find a way to remove it and I’m worried that it will be detrimental to me. Any ideas how to delete the other track?